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I'm Marnie Pehrson and I work with Christian-entrepreneurs (whom I call Light Bearers) to help them break through fear and obstacles to create their amazing lives and businesses

I believe God wants us to thrive, not just survive, and Christian entrepreneurs are poised to be cities set on a hill to light the way for others. 

To help Christian entrepreneurs maximize their illuminating effect, I offer 

It's all about helping you shine brightly and get your candle on a candlestick where it lights the way for others.

Get Notice, Get Heard & 
Make An Impact!

Do you have an important message, service or system you'd like to share with the world? Are you struggling to get it noticed online? Maybe you need some supernatural marketing.††Click here to learn more.

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Iím going to share something radical with you, something that flies in the face of what most of us believe about God, ourselves, and what life is all about. You may not agree with me at first. You may want to toss this book across the room and proclaim me a lunatic. But, humor me for a spell. Listen to what I have to say and see if this shift in perspective makes more sense than the victim theory most of us have about ourselves in relationship to God or even the devil.

With the perspective shift this book brings comes the power to create your own world and to know when God stands behind you in doing so. Click here to get your copy on Amazon.


Ignite Your WOW!

I currently have openings for VIP clients who would like to work with me intensively to shift their businesses out of the shadows and into the limelight. Click here for an application.


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Eliminate the Biggest Fear You're Facing Right Now
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You know you're on this planet for a purpose. You feel a call to transform lives. You may have a liberating method, message, or system. Perhaps you're already delivering it to the world, but you have this nagging awareness that you could be making a greater impact. Yet, something is holding you back. It may be fear of success, fear of failure, or fear of your own greatness. It could be guilt, shame, self-doubt or fear of other people's judgment. Break through that invisible ceiling with this free audio.

How to Create Your Amazing Body

How you feel about your weight affects every interaction you have with yourself and others. In your business it determines what photos you put on Facebook, whether you feel comfortable making videos or not, being on stage, leading a retreat, or even putting your pictures on your website. Personally it impacts your dreams, traveling, sex, relationships, and basically showing up for life! If your body image is holding your dreams hostage, get my FREE Audio on "How to Create Your Amazing Body

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